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How To Be A Rockstar Candidate: Part 1

Part one of two on how to be a standout LaunchCode apprenticeship candidate. 

LaunchCoder Q & A with Louis

How did you hear about LaunchCode? I saw a large poster in a window inside a St. Louis mall. After looking into, I found out more and..

LaunchCoder Q & A with Kevin

How did you hear about LaunchCode? I heard about LaunchCode from June Mercer, a Computer Science professor at the St. Louis Community College —..

LaunchCoder Q&A With Jeff & Jane

Jane, from Kansas City, and Jeff, from St. Louis, met in the middle of their two hometowns during college at the University of Missouri-Columbia. A..

Ace Your Tech Interview

Top Tips For Your Tech Interview You’ve landed the interview — great job! Whether you are diving into the job hunt for the first time or returning to..

Jonathan's Story

From (Valet) Driver to Developer For Jonathan Gonzalez, coding is creation: "I love the process of creation, and coding lets me have the chance to..

Katrina's Story

The Proof (Reading) is in the Pudding Katrina loves to read and has a natural talent for proofreading. She would never have guessed these skills..

LaunchCoder Q & A: Sean

Meet A Student Tell us a little bit about your background. Despite having worked in the web for almost 20 years, as a designer, interactive art..

Oliver's Story

LaunchCoder Interview   What motivated you to sign up? I was looking for a better way to learn coding. I had done a several online tutorials and..

Kathleen's Story

    What motivated you to sign up for CS50x? A few months before the class started, I had made the decision to change careers and devote myself full..