An Overview of LaunchCode's Application Process

Looking to launch into tech in 2024?

At LaunchCode, we believe in a forward-thinking approach to shape each year's course catalog and work directly with our employer partners to understand the specific skills and competencies they seek in potential new hires. Our upcoming courses are designed to not only meet industry demands but also include a new-and-improved Liftoff unit, to equip learners with up-to-date job readiness skills to help graduates thrive in the dynamic and competitive tech landscape.


Applications are currently closed, but check back in for our new course schedule! 


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LaunchCode’s updated application process is designed to better assess and understand the passion, drive, and aptitude of our applicants. Here’s an overview:

PHASE 1 - All applicants must submit. 

Flow Chart Phase 1 Vector UPDATED

Check out this blog post for tips on how to crush your Problem-Solving Assessment! 

PHASE 2 - Selected applicants will be asked to submit. 

Flow Chart Phase 2 Vector-1

Because we often receive many more applications than available seats, each section of the application is very important and we recommend applicants put their best foot forward! Our team truly does read each essay and watches each video answer to ensure we’re accepting applicants who have the passion, drive, and aptitude it takes to start a tech career. 

Completing both phases of the application does not guarantee your acceptance into the course you’re applying for. Applicants who successfully complete Phase 2 are notified and will either be accepted into the current class or offered a deferral into a future course. Once accepted into a course, learners will receive additional instructions on Pre-Work that must be completed before the start of class.

We are excited to review your application and congratulations on taking the first steps towards launching a career in technology!