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Cashier to Coder: Gail in St. Louis

Moving Out of a Job and Into a Career A year ago, I was a supermarket cashier with a bachelor's degree in English. Today I'm a programmer for Express..

Learning Something New: Carly in St. Louis

A Simple Challenge Turned into a Career You often hear that programmers are drawn to coding because it comes naturally to them. LaunchCoder Carly..

Sunmi Finds Programming

Trying Something New, Finding Something Great    Sunmi, LaunchCode LC101 Alumni   Tell us a bit about your background. I earned a B.A. in Multi-Media..

Candidate Profile: Learn About Bill

Learning How To Learn What path led you to LaunchCode? I graduated at the end of 2016 from Portland State University studying Graphic Design. My core..

Rethinking Problem Solving: Katy in St. Louis

Finding the Right Time for Takeoff Katy first heard about LaunchCode from an announcement for the first CS50x course at the Central Library in St...

The Melody of Code

The Sound of Code is Music to Their Ears At first glance, it may be hard to find the relationship between coding and art — but the connections are..

Launched & Landed: Shaun

From Vet & Journalist to Student to Apprentice to HIRED!   Tell us a little bit about your background. I'm an Air Force veteran with a bachelor's..

Coding As ... Art?

Make All. The. Things. At first glance, it may be hard to find the relationship between coding and art — the dominant tech culture and perceived..

Apprentice to Developer: Mamata in KC

Making It In America    Mamata, LaunchCoder & Software Developer   Tell us a little bit about how you got here. I love to play with code. I do Java,..

Apprentice Interview: Chris

Always Working Towards A Career in Tech   Chris, LaunchCoder & QA Developer