What You Need to Succeed in LaunchCode's Part-Time Web Dev Class


LaunchCode's Part Time Web Development program is an introduction to computer programming course with a curriculum focused on building full-stack web developers, covering highly demanded languages and frameworks like JavaScript, Angular, Java, and Spring Boot, along with Career Readiness and Portfolio Building skills. This class is an intensive, 35-week program designed to train students with the skills they need to seek an apprenticeship and ultimately a career in technology.

Students will need access to a laptop to participate in the course. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide students with laptops at this time. Chromebooks and tablets will not be sufficient for use in this course. If you own a PC, you must have Windows 10 OS or more recent. If you own a Mac, the most recent Mac OS is strongly preferred. Please apply all system upgrades before coming to class.

Although this course is free, it is challenging and requires commitment. 


LaunchCode's class requirements go beyond just attending classes. Students are required to dedicate an additional 15-20 hours to coursework outside of class. While this may seem like a significant commitment, it is essential for becoming proficient in coding. Web development is a complex field that requires continuous learning and practical application. By investing this substantial amount of time in homework, students have the opportunity to delve deeper into the intricacies of class topics. This extra effort allows them to experiment, make mistakes, and refine their skills. Although it may be challenging, the benefits of this approach are immense. Students who put in the extra hours are more likely to excel in their web development careers and stand out from the competition. So, while the workload may be demanding, it is truly an investment in a future filled with exciting opportunities and success in the ever-evolving world of web development.

No prior coding experience is required for this class.