Debunking Myths about Tech Apprenticeships

The Power of Apprenticeship Programs

Tech apprenticeships are dynamic and practical training programs that offer those new to the industry the opportunity to gain real-world experience and valuable skills while on the job. Apprenticeship programs typically combine hands-on work with prior classroom-based learning, enabling apprentices to develop expertise in their new role.  Tech apprenticeships have gained popularity as an alternative to traditional educational pathways, providing a direct route into the tech industry. LaunchCode has seen great success using this model! In 2022, 82% of LaunchCode apprentices converted to full-time employment. We know there is still a stigma and many myths surrounding apprenticeships in tech….so let’s debunk them!

Debunking Apprenticeship Myths for Employers

Myth: Apprenticeships are too costly for businesses to adopt. 
Reality: Apprenticeships can be a cost-effective way to develop a junior-level talent pipeline and LaunchCode has seen this work for companies of all sizes! While there may be initial investment, the long-term benefits of having trained, loyal employees often outweigh the costs.

Myth: Apprentices aren't as skilled as traditional hires.
Reality: Apprentices can become highly skilled and productive employees with investment and mentorship! Because they learn while on the job during the apprenticeship process, apprentices are often honing the exact skill set needed by employers.

Myth: Apprenticeships require too much administrative effort.
Reality:  While there is some administrative work involved, many resources and organizations can help streamline the process, making it more manageable for employers. LaunchCode’s process easily integrates with companies’ existing hiring practices and because we’re the employer of record during the apprenticeship, we handle onboarding, payroll, and benefits.

Myth: Apprenticeships are a short-term solution.
Reality: Tech apprenticeships can be a long-term strategy for addressing skill gaps and cultivating an upwardly mobile talent pipeline within your company. By investing in apprentices, companies can groom talent for future leadership roles and increase the retention of valuable employees.

Debunking Apprenticeship Myths for Job Seekers

Myth: Apprenticeships don't fit the fast-paced tech industry.
Reality: Tech apprenticeships are actually a very effective way for companies to adapt to ever-evolving industry demands!  The companies LaunchCode works with often structure programs to ensure apprentices learn relevant, up-to-date skills and encourage continuous learning.

Myth: Tech organizations struggle to find quality mentors for apprentices.
Reality: Many experienced employees are willing to mentor apprentices, as it can be a rewarding experience. Companies can incentivize and support mentorship programs. Energized and enthusiastic mentors can make a huge difference in positive apprenticeship experiences.

Myth: Apprenticeships are only for young people. 
Reality: Age is not a barrier. Many apprenticeship programs are open to individuals of all ages and backgrounds. In fact, LaunchCode programs are designed to support career changers and non-traditional learners.

Debunking myths not only takes time but trust. Teaching and vetting LaunchCode graduates with the best resources will continue enforcing our realities on learners interested in tech apprenticeships, and organizations considering tech apprentices for their entry-level roles. Dive into how you can leverage LaunchCode's apprenticeship program for you!