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LaunchCoder Q & A: Sean

Meet A Student Tell us a little bit about your background. Despite having worked in the web for almost 20 years, as a designer, interactive art..

LaunchCoder Student Q & A With Luke

Making A Better Life — No Terrifying Debt Required What motivated you to sign up for class with LaunchCode? I have been searching for a way to start..

LaunchCoder Q & A With Kyle

Meet a Student What motivated you to sign up? Working in IT networking and troubleshooting has taught me how things work. I signed up for CS50x to..

10 Best Resources to Learn Ruby on Rails

The Top 10 From Twitter to Airbnb to Kickstarter to Github, many of the websites we use every day run on the language/framework duo of Ruby on Rails...

Oliver's Story

LaunchCoder Interview   What motivated you to sign up? I was looking for a better way to learn coding. I had done a several online tutorials and..

LaunchCoder Q & A: Greame

Meet A Student What motivated you to sign up for CS50x? Honestly, I just thought programming could be cool. I remember taking a computer class in..

Kathleen's Story

    What motivated you to sign up for CS50x? A few months before the class started, I had made the decision to change careers and devote myself full..

Brian's LaunchCode Story

When I started learning how to code, I knew the biggest challenge would be transitioning those skills to the workplace. How was I going to convince..

Padmini's LaunchCode Story

For Padmini, coding is like creating her own logic. “When you write your own code, it feels like you are discovering something new – it's so pretty,..

Felipe's LaunchCode Story

Meet a LaunchCode Apprentice Years ago Felipe saw an ad in which Bill Gates and Chris Bosh, amongst others, explained the importance of learning how..