New Course Options in the New Year

2023 In-Person & Virtual Course Delivery


When 2020 brought uncertainty and disruption to nearly every industry, LaunchCode’s talented team was able to swiftly shift our curriculum to be delivered virtually, keeping our staff and learners safe while never compromising the quality of education. Now, as we approach 2023 and as the world continues to evolve, the LaunchCode team has poured lots of brain power into what our new normal looks like, and we’re so excited to clue you in! 

At our core, LaunchCode’s mission is to create pathways to stable, upwardly-mobile, and high-paying careers in technology. This means staying attuned to industry trends and ensuring we’re setting our learners up for success on their journey to launching a new tech career. At the same time, we continue to aim to break down barriers to learning job-focused skills, and recognize that the pandemic brought new, unforeseen challenges that continue to affect our learners and their ability to travel to a classroom. Because our workforce is embracing flexible, hybrid work settings more than ever, it only makes sense to offer our learners courses both in-person and virtual courses, while considering and addressing new challenges LaunchCoders may be facing.

Here’s a little more on what to expect from LaunchCode’s 2023 course delivery:


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In-Person Learning Makes a Return


We’re thrilled to be returning to in-person courses in 2023! In our hometown of St. Louis, in-person learners will return to a newly-renovated, state-of-the-art learning center at our Headquarters building on Delmar Blvd. beginning in January. In-person course delivery was top of mind during the renovation process and our space is now better equipped to serve nearly 200 learners at one time, with an expanded auditorium and 15 break-out rooms for smaller, focused group learning. In Kansas City, we’ll be returning to Rockhurst University beginning in January and looking forward to revitalizing this partnership. 2023 will also mark the first time we’ll deliver in-person courses in Philadelphia. We’re so excited to expand our footprint in that region even further (course location announcement coming soon!). 

While LaunchCode has been able to maintain a lot of our community-style course model throughout virtual learning, we know that nothing replaces face-to-face (or computer-to-computer) support from classmates and course staff. In many cases, in-person class means our staff is better able to assess potential barriers to completion and provide resources or support to help learners cross the finish line. In-person learning has helped LaunchCoders break into the tech industry since our inception, and we’re proud to be returning to that model while also continuing to offer virtual learning options, as well

(To view LaunchCode’s COVID-19 Safety Guidelines for in-person courses, click here.)


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Virtual Learning is Here to Stay


While we are transitioning some courses back to in-person delivery in 2023, LaunchCode is committed to also offering entirely virtual courses, just as we’ve been offering since March 2020. Early on, we recognized that by adding on additional weeks to our flagship courses and making alterations to the way our staff communicates with learners, we were able to maintain the success of our curriculum. 

For some LaunchCoders, logging onto Zoom and creating community via Slack has been a more accessible and effective way for them to learn, and we want to continue to serve those individuals as well!

Next year marks ten years of launching careers, and we can’t wait to deliver free tech skills and job placement opportunities to even more LaunchCoders in 2023!


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