Best. CoderGirl. Ever.

Over the past five years, CoderGirl has transformed from a group of passionate women organizing a meetup to a full-fledged education and job placement program. It’s benefited from the hard work and dedication of countless fearless females, and as the program turns five, we’re so appreciative of all who have touched the program in some way. Together, we’ve built a huge network of alumnae, mentors, and supporters — all of whom believe that everyone deserves a supportive and accepting space to put in the work it takes to launch their dream career in tech.

Although you may not always see us, the LaunchCode staff is constantly hard at work behind the scenes, evaluating and updating the inner workings of our programs to ensure our students leave with the tools needed to enter — and be successful — in the industry. And that’s exactly why we’ve made a few changes to the CoderGirl curriculum and the way future students choose what languages they’ll learn and the format in which those lessons will be delivered. We’re confident that these changes will ensure our CoderGirl learners will be well-equipped to land their first tech job and that our CoderGirl Teaching Assistants and mentors will be well-equipped to support them.

Here’s How We’re Making CoderGirl More Awesome:

For the past few years, CoderGirl has operated in a 6-month code skill learning cycle meeting for two hours once a week, followed by a 6-month project cycle.  

This Summer's CoderGirl cohort will feature seven learning tracks, each either 24- or 45-weeks in length. Each specialized learning track is designed to equip students with the technical and job-readiness skills needed to land a job through our LaunchCode Apprenticeship program.

The new iteration of CoderGirl will allow students to choose and rank their preferences from the following:

  • Java (45 weeks)

  • C#/.NET* (45 weeks)

  • Front-end Web Dev (45 weeks)

  • SQL Server* (24 weeks)

  • Data Analysis (24 weeks)

  • User Experience (UX) (24 weeks)

  • Data Science (24 weeks)

*Track has additional system requirements

Not Sure Which CoderGirl Path Is Right for You?

For more details on the skill tracks offered, check out our Info Sheet.

In order to ensure CoderGirl students get the in-person support they need to learn these skills, CoderGirl class will now meet for 3 hours on Wednesday evenings from 5:30-8:30 pm. Students are expected to spend at least 10-15 hours each week outside of class on readings, watching videos, working on practice problems, and completing assignments.

Applications for our Summer 2019 CoderGirl cohort are now open!

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