Tiana Berry-Jones

Introduction to User Experience

Pulling Back the Curtain on the UX Process We’re living in the Technology Revolution, and as we experience the change in the job market, every other..

How To Build A Successful Project

Tips For Completing Your First Project To land a technical job, you should first complete a decent sized programming project to serve as tangible..

5 Personal PR Tips For A Career In Tech

Be Your Own PR Rep Congratulations, you’ve been placed into a tech apprenticeship with LaunchCode! Now what? Learning doesn’t stop when class ends..

Q & A With Jesse

The LaunchCode Ed Team on Part-Time Web Dev Where did LC101 come from? LC101 is the product of about a year’s worth of work to create the best coding..

How To Be A Rockstar Candidate: Part 1

Part one of two on how to be a standout LaunchCode apprenticeship candidate.

Student Q & A: Channon

Meet a Student Can you tell us a bit about your background? I recently graduated from high school. I've had four years of classical music training..

Mentor Interview: Helena

Meet a Mentor We couldn't carry out our mission to educate and employ eager, driven tech talent without the help of our amazing mentors. Helena has..

The Agile Process

The Agile Process at LaunchCode Building a successful project takes work and some serious perseverance. However, many people don’t realize that their..

LaunchCoder Q&A With Jeff & Jane

Jane, from Kansas City, and Jeff, from St. Louis, met in the middle of their two hometowns during college at the University of Missouri-Columbia. A..