Apprentice Interview: Chris

Always Working Towards A Career in Tech


Chris, LaunchCoder & QA Developer





Tell us a little bit about your background.

I worked in retail beginning in 2012 when I was 17 (very happy to be out of the retail industry now!). I heard of LaunchCode while in Wyncode in 2016. I also go to Broward College part-time working on my associates in Arts. I have been into computers my whole life, and throughout school and work I have always found a way to work with technology. One of my good friends is the computer technician in my old high school.

Congratulations on landing your new job! What can you tell us about it?

I am working as a QA/Developer. I do quality analysis for our products, which includes testing all points of our website as well as our API. I also work on projects that the lead developers don’t have enough time to get to, such as automating tests that eliminate some of the tedious processes. My company provides an API for developers to build financial applications, as well as customized web applications for companies that don’t want to develop their own. It’s a small company, only around 15 employees. It is a very comfortable environment, everyone is extremely friendly and helpful any time someone has a question. We like to joke around and laugh while still getting our work done.

Overall, how was your experience with the LaunchCode placement process?

It was great! Matt was extremely helpful with trying to find a company that would be a perfect fit. He didn’t just give me the first thing that landed on his desk, he actually took into consideration my personality and interests and basically just what I was looking for, and he was very successful. Every company he put me in contact with was a place that would’ve been a great match for me.

How did the process differ from your expectations?

It took a little bit longer than I was hoping, but it’s understandable, especially since I was mainly looking for a position as a Rails developer which are few and far between in my area. I was had also been expecting to somehow end up paying a fee, even though I was told I wouldn’t, only because it seemed too good to be true!

What would be your advice to someone considering signing up for LaunchCode’s apprenticeship job placement program?

Do it! LaunchCode will work with you to make sure you get a job that’s perfect for YOU! Click to tweet.

Say yes to any companies they offer to put you in contact with, regardless of what it sounds like. It’s always worth at least having a conversation.

That’s what happened with my current company, I originally thought this wasn’t the right place, but Matt convinced me to at least talk to them, and he couldn’t have been more right!

Is there anything else you’d like us to know?

If it weren’t for LaunchCode I would still be working as an overnight stock associate in a wholesale club, or more likely simply unemployed. Thanks to Matt and LaunchCode, I’m finally in the field I have been trying so hard to get into. I finally have a career!


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